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Born in Argentina, I finished my studies in Illustration and Comics at the HAW Hamburg University. I have previously studied Arts and Design in my home land, at the Universidad Nacional de Cordoba.

Prizes and Publications

2015 - Finalist for the Comicbuchpreis from the Leibinger Stiftung. 
2015 - “Report: Argentinian comics from the XXI century”. Publisher: Editorial Municipal de Rosario (Argentina).
2015 - “VI premio Centro Cultural de la Memoria Haroldo Conti”. Second prize. (Argentina) 

2013/2015 - Study Scholarship in the field of Fine Arts from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). 

2013 - Comic “the butcher from Ransdaal”.Publisher:

Mami Verlag (Germany).

2013 -  Comic “Empoerte Generation”. Goethe Institut.

2012 - Graphic Novel “Vientre”. Plot: Pablo Roy 

Leguizamo. Publisher "Dragon Comics". Uruguay.

2010 - graphic Novel "Ruta 22". Plot: Roberto

Von Sprecher. Publisher "Llanto de Mudo". Argentina.